Hummer EV 400 Mile Range Confirmed by GM

The new all-electric GMC Hummer EV Truck will have a 400 mile range according to GM.

In an interview, GM Defense President David Albritton confirmed the Hummer EV’s range when talking about the vehicle’s potential military application.

“GM has announced that it is coming out with a [GMC] Hummer battery electric truck in 2021. It’s a full-size truck with 400 miles of range, 1,000 foot-pounds of torque, a very highly-capable vehicle. That could provide a great base platform for an electric vehicle to be used in the military context,” said Albritton.

No other details have been leaked and there’s no word on when the reveal will happen, which was originally scheduled for 5/20/2020.

We did get another teaser video, but, as you can see – it’s severely lacking in anything substantive:

Source: GM Authority

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