GM’s VP of Global Design Thanks Online Community for Comments on Hummer H3

Many online forum and blog-goers often ask, “Does anyone in Detroit actually read any comments by actual owners online?” Well that question was answered recently on GM’s Fastlane Blog when Ed Welborn, the VP of Global Design at GM, recently took time to thank everyone for their comments on a release about Cadillac and Hummer production in South Africa. The story spawned new debate and suggestions for making the Hummer more appealing in the global market. Some voiced concern over making the interiors more colorful. Others had issues with the environmental aspects of Hummer vehicles, which was handled very well by Welborn. I only recently found out how interested in off-roading many South Africans are — its hugely popular and almost a modern pastime. So, feel free to leave some comments on the site — you never know who may be taking them into account!

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