Half Hummer & Half Boat: The Humdinga

Thu, Jul 19, 2007

Hummer News, Off Road News

Sometimes if I’m driving through some pretty deep water, which lately has been a common occurrence with all the flooding in North Texas, I find myself wishing I could just tear off into the deep end. The folks at U.K. based Gibbs technology have made that dream possible – but most likely at an extreme cost. The Humdinga is an amphibious vehicle that takes some design cues from the Hummer, and the 100 mph capable land vehicle transforms into a 40 mph capable water vehicle at the touch of a button. “It took us 8 years, a million man-hours and tens of millions of pounds to develop HSA technology. With this latest vehicle, I’m sure that the technology’s potential is clear for all to see,” said Alan Gibbs, Chairman of Gibbs Technologies. The Humdinga is available in civilian and military models — cool vehicle!

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