HUMMER’s Global Appeal Spreads to Baghdad

Iraq Baghdad HUMMER H3

Iraqis have learned quite a few English words, but the most common is HUMMER, and it’s used to describe just about any military vehicle with wheels. They may not know the name “HUMMER” describes the civilian model produced by General Motors and that ‘HUMVEE’ is actually a loose acronym for High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle used by the military. One thing is certain, though – HUMMERs appeal is spreading throughout the world, even in Iraq.

28 year old Safa Selmen Menjed markets his HUMMER business by displaying several H3s on a busy street in Baghdad. “Some people ask me, ‘Why are you driving a Hummer?’ It is a symbol of the occupation,” Menjed says. “I tell them many of the cars here are American, like Chevrolet and Dodge. Why only criticize the Hummer?”

One customer browsing in the showroom explained that the HUMMER is also practical for the area. “You know the miserable roads, you need a big car,” he said. “And the Hummer, with the military, show it’s a hard and good car.”

HUMMER is one of the most recognized automotive nameplates in the world, and has massive appeal in the Middle East. Sales growth worldwide is a promising sign that HUMMER will continue to be part of the automotive landscape for years to come.

Source: NPR

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  1. any more news on what happened with those ‘unique’ colours introduced in dubai or saudi arabia, cant’t remember where it was. i think one was called cookie something?

  2. Yeah, those were the ones where almost everything was color matched to the truck.