Hummer Dealership Ordered to Remove American Flag

Mon, May 21, 2007

Hummer News

Towbin Hummer American Flag
Las Vegas’s Towbin Hummer has been ordered to remove a 30-by-60 foot flag that flies 100 feet above its dealership. Neighbors have complained about the flag’s flapping noise, and the negative ‘aesthetic effect’ when the wind blows the 100 ft pole. Interesting, is that the neighbors are also charging that the flag is anti-American, and that Towbin is simply trying to exploit veterans for commercial gain. Dan Towbin, the dealership’s owner and honorary commander at Nellis Air Force Base, says “It’s ridiculous in today’s day and age to suggest removing an American flag.” Towbin originally received City Council approval for a 6 month review of the flag and pole, which was never conducted. The dealership now has 60 days to remove it, and Towbin is still debating on whether he’ll take legal action to save the flag. The Towbin name may sound familiar, since Dan Towbin’s son Josh (“The Chopper”) runs Towbin Dodge – the focus of reality show King of Cars on A&E.

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