HUMMER Denies H1 Comeback

Hummer H1 Alpha Red
Rumors continue to swirl around the net about HUMMER’s likelihood to reintroduce the H1 model. Most are saying that if the H1 made a return, the model would be more successful if it were more like the H1’s earlier years – less creature comforts, more like a HUMVEE, and cost around $75k. Sounds good, right? “We’re not pursing that at all,” says HUMMER general manager Martin Walsh.

So if HUMMER isn’t interested in making a striped down H1, what about AM General? After all, they’re the ones who originally produced the civilian version of the HUMVEE, and simply called it “HUMMER,” back in the early 1990s. Walsh says that isn’t likely either. “AM General is operating at full capacity building HUMVEEs, so they’re not particularly interested in pursuing a consumer oriented product.”

This may be true for the time being – but if you’re AM General, facing tougher competition to produce military vehicles that stand up to the type of abuse in today’s warfare, you have to be asking yourself what happens if the U.S. government doesn’t sign the next $10 million contract.

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