Hummer Discussion Forums ‘Source’ for Owners and Potential Owners

With the release of the H2 in 2002, Hummer created much more than just a powerful SUV. It created a community of like-minded, successful folks that enjoyed having a niche vehicle — very similar to the community of Corvette owners. Boasting more than 200,000 posts, one of the most popular forums for these individuals to gather is the Elcova discussion boards. It’s here that owners can talk about various modifications they’re making to their rigs, buying and selling different vehicle parts, or planning the next off-road trip to some famous locations. What the introduction of the Hummer H3 did for Hummer’s overall sales also did for the traffic to the site. Traffic in the H3 section is quickly gaining on the H2 side of things — no surprise since the H3 is outselling the H2 at least 2 to 1 right now. The forum also is a place where potential owners can post questions they may have about dealers, product options and value, and technical info from owners and even some GM insiders.

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