Hummer Engineers Build Extreme H3

Hummer H3 General Motors Offroad
Todd Hubbard is a vehicle dynamics engineer for the H3 division of Hummer, and he’s doing something that would make most General Motors engineers cringe: Giving advice on physical modifications to an H3. Typically engineers at the corporate level preach about how the vehicles have gone through YEARS of testing, and anything done to change the structural integrity will certainly void all warranties – and even more likely lead to your unspeakable and fiery demise. In the first article we’ve ever seen Hummer give suggestions on how to trick out your H3, Hubbard suggests many off-road enthusiasts would like to increase their ground clearance and add larger, 35 inch tires. “…all they really need to do is to do a one-inch body lift, which can be done with a dozen one-inch spacers and longer bolts,” said Hubbard. Good suggestion, but for their Hummer, the team slapped on a 4inch Rancho lift. The most interesting mod was an electronically locking front differential – a modification H3ers have been talking about since the H3’s inception. I don’t think we’ll see a locking front end on any H3 in the near future, but it’s good to see Hummer is at least trying it out, even if it is for ‘racing research.’ (yea…right) Check out the full article from The Detroit News.

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