Hummer H2 Goes Off-Road and On-Police-Car

Hummer vs Cop Car
This story is a little old, but an interesting read. A 15-year-old girl runs away and takes a local Hummer as her get-away car. The police find it using OnStar’s tracking device — “When an officer parked his cruiser behind the Hummer…he saw two teenage girls inside. They put the car in reverse, and sped backward until they hit his cruiser.

The Hummer left tire tracks on the car as it drove on top of it, police said. Then it accelerated forward and drove away.

Another police cruiser pulled in front of the Hummer in an alley at 50th Ave and 9th Street N. Officer Mike Stano saw the passenger get out, police said.

Then, police say, Jacobs drove the Hummer into his cruiser, peeling away the roof and smashing the engine as she drove on top of the car. Then, the Hummer toppled and fell on its passenger side.”

You can check out the complete story here.

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