HUMMER H2 Turned Rolling Memorial

Memorial HUMMER

This Memorial Day, we wanted to bring you the story of Army Ranger Kristofer Thomas and his proud mother Deborah Getz. Deborah experienced the worst nightmare any service-person’s parent could imagine: On February 17th, 2007, she was notified by two decorated Army officers that her son had been killed in Afghanistan.

Soon after, Deborah founded the Never Forget Our Fallen organization, and in honor of her son and all other fallen troops, commissioned a graphic artist and the team at Landers HUMMER to create a H2 memorial vehicle.

After leaving the entire creative process to the artist, the H2 was unveiled during a ceremony at the dealership. “I can’t begin to tell you how delightfully shocked I was at viewing this vehicle for the first time,” said Deborah, “my dream of honoring our fallen with a Hummer had became a reality.”

For the full story behind the HUMMER told by Deborah, visit the Never Forget Our Fallen website.

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