Hummer H3 awarded “Most Macho” in Faceoff

Hummer H3 Faceoff set out to find the most macho of three SUVs: The Hummer H3, Dodge Nitro, and Toyota’s FJ Cruiser. The testers compared each vehicles’ looks, off-road ability, and every-day usability. The Hummer H3 took top prize in Tough-Guy Appeal, Comfort and Roominess, and Offroad Provisions. The Dodge nitro came away with “Best Value,” but the Hummer came away with the editors top prize of “Most Macho!” Here’s what the editors had to say:

Dodge Nitro:
The Nitro has the swagger to be most macho, but without any real offroad capability, it’s all show.

Hummer H3:
Hummer has basically owned this category since the H1 stormed onto the stage, and the H3 continues that legacy.

Toyota FJ Cruiser:
More retro than macho, the FJ Cruiser lacks the intimidating presence of the Nitro and H3, despite its admirable offroadability.

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