Hummer H3 Changes Design for Overseas Sales

2007 Hummer H3 International Version
We all know that the Hummer plant in South Africa is gearing up for production of the right-handed drive Hummer H3 to be distributed in all the non-US markets. GM has now released pictures of what the non-US version will look like and some changes that had to be adapted. I suspect many of the changes are for the tight restrictions in the EU. Although many are probably unnoticeable, GM’s global design team had to re-engineer hundreds of the H3s parts for the international version. Most of the obvious design changes came with the exterior lighting. “Headlights have an oval design with a chrome surround. Clear lenses with amber bulbs, specially designed side blinker lamps and a unique tail lamp design were also required to meet international lighting requirements. The external radii were changed on mirrors, front fascias and tow hooks. Additional fender flares were added to cover the tires, which must be inside the body in some countries. A redesigned rear bumper contains a new Rear Protection Under Run Device and rear fog lamps.” The weirdest part to me is that rear run-under device. I suppose it’s for smaller cars that are rear-ending you to minimize their damage.
Hummer H3 International Version

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