Hummer H3 goes Down Under

Australia Hummer H3
GM’s new Hummer H3 plant just added a new continent to export to: Australia. Around mid-2007 is when the right-side-driving Hummer H3 will make its consumer debut in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. “Hummer’s pedigree is ideally suited to Australia’s diverse and challenging off-road environments. Given the H3’s midsize proportions, it will be equally at home on city and suburban roads,” said Hummer’s chief Martin Walsh. The announcement came yesterday during the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. And, as to be expected with any Hummer expansion, it comes with its share of controversy. I’m not sure they actually know what they’re protesting — it sounds as though their protesting Hummer as brand, even though the only vehicle being introduced is the Hummer H3, which gets the same if not better gas mileage than many vehicles in its class. Its also the first article that I’ve seen that called the H3 “Extremely Unsafe”….where do they get this stuff?

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