Hummer H3T Spy Video Released

Hummer H3T First Video
Well it wasn’t too long ago that the pictures of the Hummer H3T (although some are speculating they’ll call it the Hummer H3 SUT) surfaced on the internet – and now a video has been released (looks like the original pics were taken from this video — I guess the shooter wanted to get two press releases out of his video — and I don’t blame him!). An interesting concept that will probably see production for 2008, the H3T has the internet crowd buzzing as to how it will stack up to other Hummers off-road. The longer wheelbase will no doubt hurt the break-over angle, making it less capable than the H3 and H2 SUVs…BUT…I don’t think Hummer is trying make vehicles just as capable as every other Hummer (we know that because nothing will be as capable as the H1 right off the factory line) but rather have ‘best in class’ off-road status. There’s no doubt in my mind that the H3T will be the best stock off-road vehicle out of all four-door pickup trucks.

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