HUMMER H3T Storm Chaser Visits “Twister” Museum

Storm Chasing HUMMER H3T

Even though many experienced storm chasers were consulted before the movie Twister came out in 1996, the film was still heavily criticized for its lack of authenticity. The Vortex 2 fleet made a stop in Wakita, Oklahoma – home of the ‘Twister Museum’ and got a chance to compare some movie props to the real deal.Storm Chasing HUMMER H3T Pods

Wakita was chosen after their chamber of commerce agreed to have their town destroyed for the movie. The 400 residents were bussed in and out of town everyday during filming, while crews created false store fronts and covered downtown with dirt.

Now Wakita is home to the Museum which houses old Twister props and sells T-shirts. The Storm Chaser H3T crew even drug out a pod from the movie (left) to compare it to one of the pods it carries today (right). The chasers say overall, the movie is more accurate than not.


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