Hummer Hitch Mounted Back-Up Sensors on the Today Show


This morning I found myself sipping my daily dose of warm caffeine and watching the Today Show on NBC, when a story came on about SUV blind-spots and the danger they cause. Today show correspondent Janice Lieberman interviewed several parents who had backed over their own children – pretty scary! As the media likes to do every now and then, they made it even more sensational by having 20 kids pile in behind an average SUV that couldn’t be seen by any of the mirrors or by turning around. Every SUV has blind-spots and Hummers are no exception. After the story she went through some options for dealing with this problem. Wide-angle cameras can be great, but it can also cost you a good chunk of change plus installation charges. I was surprised when the first product she showed was a hitch-mounted backup system (seen above). Surprised because we just found this exact product at the 2006 SEMA show and just recently started to carry it. Owners have been happy with it – even with its tendency to see rain as an obstacle behind you, as noted in the NBC story. The wireless system installs easily (5 minutes tops) in any regulation hitch and is powered by the 7 pin hitch power outlet (most new vehicles are equipped, and ALL Hummer H3s and H2s are). The unit normally sells between $300 and $350, but with the timeliness of the story and the exposure on the Today show – we’ve worked out a deal with the Sewell Hummer of Dallas parts department (probably because of our close affiliation! 😉 ) and offer it for $250. Just call 214-366-7070 and say you saw the deal on and they’ll get you taken care of – they accept all major credit cards. NOTE: The sensor is available without the Hummer logo for other vehicles. Hummer H3x models, and Hummer H2s with the tire on the back will need a hitch extender.

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