Hummer Modifies H3’s Interior (Slightly)

Hummer H3 Interior Door Panel
Perhaps the largest appearance and functional change for the Hummer H3 thus far is now available. Since the Hummer H3 was released, owners have complained about their elbows hitting the window controls, not being able to reach the controls as they were too far back, etc (See old placement below). Well – Hummer has heard you! They’ve changed the design of the interior door panel to move the switches from the base of the arm rest — up to what was previously only a handle. After sitting in the truck, the controls are much easier to reach and I doubt anyone will hit these accidentally as much as the old placement. This may not sound like big news to non-owners, but after spending a lot of time in an H3, this was a much needed change. The updated door panels are available on H3s that were built later than February 1st, 2007. We’re still researching the possibility of upgrading your old door panel…we’ll let you know when we find a solution.
Hummer H3 Interior Door Panel
Hummer H3 Interior Old Placement

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  1. Hi, I own an 06 H3 and I was wondering if we can upgrade the door panels or what kind of mod do i need to do for this upgrade. Also how about the child safety lock is there anyway I can upgrade this as well. Thanks.

  2. I don’t believe you can get the child lock, though the door design is the new standard – meaning that if you go in for warranty repair and they need to replace the door, you’ll get the new one. There is a jumper cable for the electronics in the door that is needed that should also be available. A dealer would need to look up the part numbers…