HUMMER Movie Poll Results – What can we Learn?

HUMMER HX H4 Transformers - Copy

While we can appreciate the enthusiasm of one individual who voted a couple hundred times (seriously-who has time for that???) for the Fast and the Furious H1, we’ve removed the bogus duplicates and have the final results for our HUMMER Movie Poll.

The HUMMER HX from Transformers was the clear winner with 52% of the vote, and the HUMMER H3T from Transformers was the other dominant force with 32% of the vote. The H2 and H1 evenly split the remaining 16% of the vote.

So what can we discern from our highly scientific poll about HUMMERs in movies? Probably not too much, other than there’s at least one H1 super-fan out there. It’s possible that people are quickly becoming fans of flat-gray paint jobs, or really like the Transformers movie, but more than likely, this poll is more than likely an indication that there’s an incredible amount of excitement around the prospect of a new, smaller HUMMER like the HUMMER HX concept.

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  1. georgieboysobota

    highly scientific 🙂

    ive just realised how long its been since i last commented on something on Hummerguy, too long i say.

  2. You make an interesting point. But I wonder if people will create the same buzz over a Chinese owned Hummer. I work at the Shreveport plant so I hope we soon see some upcoming models headed our way. But I am not holding my breath.