Hummer Race Trucks Update: Roll Cages Installed

Fri, Oct 26, 2007

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Hummer H3 Race Truck Baja Roll Cage
The two new race trucks Hummer is producing for the Baja race next month have now been torn apart, and are having roll cages installed. The entire interior is stripped from both Hummers to reduce mass. Then, racing seats from MasterCraft and special 5 point safety belts are installed. The final touch on this safety segment is the Roll cage, which is being installed by GM Technician Matt Laramie at the GM Desert Proving Grounds. After the roll cage is complete, the stock dash board and steering wheel will be reinstalled to meet the production class race requirements.

In the picture below, H2 Technician Doug Moore (left) and Hummer Racing lead engineer Thad Stump (right) work on installing the H2 SUT’s roll cage. The hole that has been cut in the floor is where the safety fuel cell will be installed.

The clock is ticking — only a few weeks away from the Baja 1000!

Hummer H2 SUT Race Truck Baja Roll Cage

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