HUMMER Recreation Rescue Aids Florida Trails

Florida HUMMER Recreation Rescue The Ocala National Forrest in Florida is the latest recreation area to benefit from HUMMER’s Recreation Rescue program, which helps maintain off-road trails around the country. High temperatures, thunderstorms, and ‘hoards of bugs’ weren’t enough to keep the nearly 70 volunteers from performing basic trail maintenance and installing signage throughout the 81-mile trail.

“The volunteers were soaking wet much of the time, but they worked tirelessly and helped open up some trails at a time when many recreation sites are closing from lack of funding,” said Lori McCullough of Tread Lightly, HUMMER’s partner in the effort.

In addition to trail cleanup, many of the volunteers were on hand for the “Wheelers for the Wounded” event also in progress over the weekend. The group was founded by Jason Havlik and provides weekend excursions of off-roading and camping for wounded servicemen. “It’s an honor to help out Tread Lightly and HUMMER when called upon to do so,” said Havlik, who is returning to serve our country in Iraq later this year.

Both events had great participation largely in part to the HUMMER X Club which was present at both events. Last month, HUMMER Recreation Rescue assembled volunteers for a similar project in California.

Source: Autotown

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