Hummer: Smart Buy vs. Traditional Purchase

Oftentimes when the term “Smart Buy” is brought up — a lot of people get really confused really fast. It may be the differences between a lease and a Smart Buy, or a Smart Buy and a traditional purchase that confuse people the most. I’ve put up a new link that goes over the Smart Buy program put out by GMAC. If you’re considering a new car and want to know what’s best for you, ask yourself a few questions. How many miles a year to I typically drive? How often do I trade-in for a new car? If you trade your vehicle every 3 or 4 years and put somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 miles a year, you should consider a lease or smart-buy. They’re typically a lower payment and you have no fear of owing extra money when you it’s time to flip cars. If you have a sales job or long commute to work that requires about 30,000 miles of driving a year – a smart buy is not for you. Always make sure you know you’ll be able to stay within the limits of your Smart Buy agreement. Lots of folks have a negative view of leases or know someone who got ‘screwed in a lease’ – the only way that can happen is if you don’t stick to your agreed upon deal – so make sure you get a program that you KNOW will fit your needs. You never want to sign up for low miles because you hope to drive less in the future. Smart Buys and Leases now make up the majority of all vehicles leaving dealerships — just make sure you know the facts before you sign! Good luck with a new purchase – and check out the new Hummer Smart Buy Information page for more details!

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