Hummer teams with McDonalds Happy Meals

McDonalds Hummer H3X
Hummer is joining the food fight, teaming with McDonald’s in a new promotion to give away one of eight miniature Hummers with the purchase of a Happy Meal or Kids Meal during August. The vehicles include the H1, the H2 (in both SUV and SUT versions) and the H3. GM goes into more detail with the vehicles:
“The Metallic Sand H1 is a free wheeling vehicle with a retractable winch – pull out the winch to watch it retract. Rev the Red Flame H1 SUV or the Black H3T forward to send them powering ahead, or pull back the Midnight Blue H3 X to watch it steer forward slowly and then pick up speed. The Desert Orange H3 SUV and Slate Blue Metallic H2 SUT feature wind up spare tires and are ready to off-road with a special switch to guide them forward, left or right. The Yellow H2 SUV charges forward when pulled back, and the Laser Blue H2H offers a truly enlightening ride – push the vehicle along to see the hydrogen tank flash green. For added fun, guests can customize their H2H with custom-applied “Hydrogen” stickers. This dynamic collection captures the power, excitement and unique styling that make HUMMER one of the most recognizable vehicles on (and off) the road. “
Is there a certain age you have to be under to get a Happy Meal?
Ronald McDonald Hummer

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