HUMMER to Change Certified Pre-Owned Coverage

GM CertifiedIf you’ve been thinking of getting a certified pre-owned HUMMER, you may want to think sooner rather than later. After Saturday, the warranty coverage on a certified pre-owned HUMMER or Cadillac purchase will be limited instead of bumper-to-bumper.

This move is to bring the coverage in line with other premium brands like Lexus and Mercedes. Currently, HUMMER and Cadillac are the only two brands to offer complete bumper-to-bumper coverage as part of their certified pre-owned program. For example, Lexus’s certified program doesn’t even cover your electrical systems. In that respect, HUMMER and Cadillac certified pre-owned vehicles will still cover more for 6 years and 100,000 miles, just not as much as they used to.

The largest change will be the coverage elimination of interior and exterior trim – so things like worn buttons, wind noises, squeaks and rattles, and water leaks will no longer be covered. HOWEVER, they are STILL covered if you purchase before Saturday night (and the dealer processes it correctly) – so don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

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