HUMMER to Compete in Australian Off Road Race

After HUMMER’s sponsorship of Rod Hall Racing ended in early 2009, several of the famous race trucks were put up on the auction block, including the SUT that we rode along in during the Terrible Town 250 in 2008. The HUMMER SUT ended up in Aussie hands, and the new owner invited Josh to race the HUMMER in the Australasian Safari – a grueling 2200 mile race in Western Australia. Josh accepted.

Competitors are coming from all over the world to compete in the event – USA, China, Sweden, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand and the Czech Republic – but it will be the first time a HUMMER will enter the race.

Josh Hall HUMMER“The race truck is a proven winner in the States. It is extremely reliable, comfortable to be in, and works very well in all types of terrain,” said Josh Hall, a four-time winner at the Baja 1000. “In Baja, the course its self is the great equalizer. It favors no one – except those that make the fewest mistakes. That race has taught me patience, persistence, tenacity and to expect the unexpected. I have also learned when to hold back and when to move to the front.”

While Josh will undoubtedly push the HUMMER to the limits, his first race in Australia will likely be more of a learning experience. “Our goals are to finish, learn, and be a part of the community of Australian off-road racing,” said Josh, who added that the location played a big part. “It’s run in a country that doesn’t have land mines lining the race course, the citizenry speaks English and the event organizers have a first class reputation.”

The race begins August 1st.

Stay tuned for more updates on, Rod Hall Racing, and the official race site: Australasian Safari.

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