Hummer unveiling H3R and H2 Safari

Every year General Motors uses the SEMA show as a platform to showcase future models and customized vehicles. This year’s show is no different, with Hummer showcasing two custom vehicles.

One of the vehicles will be a modified H3 – the other an H2. Both will have “serious” off-road ability. The “H3R” will be a racing inspired vehicle, and the “H2 Safari” will also boast adventure seeking performance.

GM will be showcasing ‘’performance with an environmental twist’ across the board according to the SEMA news release. More details are coming on these two off-road machines that are helping restore the off-road respect of the Hummer brand, and whether these will tie into the environmental theme or not. Expect Hummer to be focusing more on performance while still keeping visually appealing ‘bling’ on the front burner.

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