ranks #1 by J.D. Power and Associates – Again

HUMMER dot com

For the second consecutive year, and third time in four years (see first and second), J.D. Power and Associates have named #1 in usefulness to new-vehicle shoppers among automotive manufacturer websites, according to Shoppers evaluate websites on four criteria: appearance, speed, navigation, and information/content.

“HUMMER continues to set the standard with a Web site that satisfies shoppers through fast performance and streamlined navigation,” said Steve Witten, of J.D. Power and Associates. “A focus on a user-friendly site that delivers robust information to shoppers both quickly and easily has put HUMMER’s site in the top spot three times in the past four waves of MWES.”

Lincoln and Kia rounded out the top three — check out the top 10 after the jump:

Manufacturer Web Site Ranking
(Based on a 1,000-point scale)
Lincoln 865
Kia 863
Honda 862
Mazda 862
Jeep 859
Acura 858
Lexus 856
Saab 854
Toyota 851

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