Hydrogen Hummer H3 to debut next Spring?

Hydrogen Hummer
When we saw the headline, “Hummer Goes Hybrid with National Geographic,” we expected to see some kind of conversion vehicle outfitted with a hydrogen engine. Instead, we saw a commercial announcing the release of a Hydrogen powered Hummer H3, due out in the spring of 2008 (see video below). “Hydrogen Powered National Geographic Edition,” appears during Hummer’s signature ‘world pullout’ shot at the end. There’s only one problem with the ad: It’s a hoax.

According to General Motors, they have some National Geographic Hummers at the Grand Canyon, but that is the extent of any partnership right now. Although there have been some Hydrogen Hummer conversions in the past, this was an elaborate video hoax produced by Desedo Films. Also, if Hummer ever decides to mass produce a Hybrid, something tells us we’ll know more than 6 months in advance of its release!

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