Hydrogen Hummer trip across Antarctica draws icy reception

Wozniak Hummer

Last July, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announced plans to traverse the frigid continent of Antarctica in a Hydrogen-powered Hummer H1. At the time it didn’t draw much attention, but now as the December 2007 trip draws nearer, concern is growing. For once, the concern isn’t about the fact it’s a Hummer. The concerns are coming from the international community’s fear that the southern-most continent is becoming too touristy. The number of visitors next summer is expected to jump to 50,000 – up considerably from the 2500 visitors in 1990. Drivearoundtheworld.org is organizing the Hummer expedition, and will ‘race’ other vehicles with bio-diesel, electric, and hydrogen drive-trains. The group hopes the vehicles will later be used to educate U.S. schoolchildren on global climate change. Among the scientists is astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who is planning on riding shotgun in the Hydrogen Hummer H1. After the concern was raised, drivearoundtheworld.org issued a response that is worthy of attention.

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