Lebron’s Hummer H2 is very first ‘Unique Whip’

Lebron Hummer H2Well, at least the Hummer is the very first on SPEED Channel’s new show, “Unique Whips.” The vehicle overhauling show added new paint, a grille/body package from Strut, tons of interior electronics, and probably some other goodies. You can check out Hummer during the premiere of Unique Whips on Feb. 21st at 10PM EST on SPEED. How many of these shows are there now? It started with Pimp My Ride, then there’s Overhaulin’ on TLC, and I saw one that focused on Big Rigs…Someone should really tally all these up – and probably be paying some kind of ‘finders’ fee to Pimp My Ride!

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  1. wow!! wonderful!!
    what a pimp! i’ve added you in my homepage!