New Hummer ads unveil “Suprising Truths” about the Hummer H3

Mon, Aug 14, 2006

Hummer News

Hummer Breifcase
This week Hummer introduces a series of new television ads intended to continue the momentum of the H3 launch and convey some “surprising truths” about that vehicle. The ads play up the H3’s fun factor, while also touting its smaller size, maneuverability, low price and fuel efficiency. Some, like ThirdWay, an advertising firm who specializes in branding, don’t think it will work:

“In reality, those predisposed to hate Hummer will not listen to the ad. Those who like Hummer or might respond to the real brand message will be confused by this campaign.”

I think they’re right, but I think there’s a ‘middle-ground’ that this strategy will work for — since that’s where the majority of consumers are — the middle.

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