New Hummer Logo: GM Files for Trademark


General Motors may be bringing back Hummer, but it’s not bringing back the old Hummer logo. In February 2020, GM filed for a trademark review of a new Hummer logo.

Marketers might refresh a logo for a few reasons. One might be that the logo looks out of date. Another might be that the brand has undergone a significant transformation. GM is likely trying to signal it’s a ‘new era’ for Hummer; one that is all-electric and eco-friendly, but still powerful with a go-anywhere attitude.

It’s possible the “MM” in the new logo is meant to remind us of the signature, slotted grill look on Hummer models. The Hummer EV grill appears to have a nod to those previous designs, but not large, 7-slots found on previous Hummers.

Color me nostalgic, but I prefer the old logo. It doesn’t strike me as out of date. The new Hummer logo is slightly harder to read, and doesn’t strike me as timeless as the original logo – making another logo refresh down the line inevitable.

What do you think?

GMC Hummer Truck Grill

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