New HUMMER Sales Numbers Show Growth Outside US

Four Wheeler HUMMER H3T 2009

HUMMER’s global sales numbers are out, and international sales are up. Higher sales numbers abroad increase the likelihood that A) The HUMMER brand will be sold successfully, and B) HUMMER will be owned by an International, non-US company. It is still believed that an international owner with capital could bring the next generation of HUMMERs (e.g. the H4) to market quicker than General Motors could.

Though U.S. sales were down significantly in 2008, sales outside of North America were up 5.5%. GM’s Asia Pacific region saw the largest gain. Inside the U.S., HUMMER sales fared pretty well when compared to other niche brands:

HUMMER – 26,220
Porsche – 26,035
Land Rover – 29,718
Jaguar – 14,824

I wonder why we’re not seeing Land Rover, Jaguar, or Porsche on Yahoo’s “Cars on Death Row” considering HUMMER made the list due to a sales decline. Maybe Yahoo didn’t actually look at the numbers, or maybe they’re just concerned with link-baiting rather than facts.

December 2008 HUMMER sales even jumped 49% over the previous month – a signal of strength in what was a very tough year for all automakers – and not everyone had to deal with the three-month American Axle strike. On the used-car side, certified pre-owned HUMMER sales were up 71% in 2008.

Along with the award winning H3T, a passionate and engaged owner base, these sales figures show that HUMMER remains an exceptionally strong, viable and relevant brand in the global automotive market, despite significant headwinds in 2008 – something that several investors from around the world are taking into account.

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