Racing with Team HUMMER: Viva La Primm

HUMMER H2 Baja Race Hall Racing

Tomorrow is day one of my trip to Primm, NV to race alongside Josh Hall in Team HUMMER’s racing H2. Primm is located about 45 minutes southwest of Las Vegas, and is the home to a few hotels, a huge outlet mall, and nickel-slot-loving Californians who are too lazy to drive all the way to Sin City to gamble away their social security checks.

I’ve received my Team HUMMER race/fire suit that came standard with stitched logos of all the team’s sponsors like Mile Marker, AM General, etc. – and my blood type right under my name. You know, just in case. In case anything happens at any of the ‘danger’ points which were just released today on the race coordinator’s website. Items like “Extreme Danger – Big Cliffs” and a mile marker dot the “Danger List” put out by race officials. Note to self: Print out extra copy for Josh.

More updates in the next few days leading up to Saturday’s race – assuming I can find a decent Internet connection. Although that close to California, there’s bound to be a Starbucks.


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