Review: Limited Edition 2007 Hummer H3X lands in Dallas – New Desert Orange Metallic color!

Desert Orange Hummer H3X
The newest member to the Hummer family is the special-edition H3X. The H3X is a 2007 model, so it has the upgraded 3.7 liter engine that now puts out 242 horse-power. Some of the features you’ll find only on the H3X are the hard-shell spare tire cover, 18 inch chrome wheels, and two unique colors: Desert Orange Metallic and Sonoma Red. The desert orange is similar to the H2 Limited Edition fusion orange color, but is just a shade darker. The H3 logo is embroidered in the two front-seat headrests. It looks good and clean, and a good subtle upgrade — I bet we’ll see that become a standard feature in the next few years. Unfortunately, the H3X was supposed to be equipped with the 5 amber colored roof marker lamps, and due to quality concerns, this item has been put on quarantine from the factory and is temporarily unavailable. The brush guard is also unique — different from the chrome tubular H3 brush guard, this one is made of a synthetic material and has more of a boxy look to it. I like the look of it since it goes with the square-ish look of the Hummer, but for durability sake, I’d take the metal version. However, I’m guessing the owner of a Hummer H3X won’t be seeing much off-road time — those 18 inch chrome wheels don’t go well with mud.
Hard-core off-roaders will claim that Hummer is moving farther away from its rugged, military roots. This may appear to be true — but each one of Hummer’s new models is extensively tested for off-road durability, even if it looks like it will never go there. I’m sure this is the FIRST 18 ‘bling-bling’ wheel to be tested in the mountains climbing up rocks. You certainly can’t blame Hummer for trying to appeal to the 80% of Hummer owners who will never take their truck off-road — for GM’s sake the H3X and all other special edition Hummers are a good business decision.
Hummer H3X Tire Cover

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