Riding Shotgun with Rod Hall and Team Hummer

Rod Hall Hummer Baja 500 Shotgun
Riding shotgun in your buddy’s new Hummer can be fun – but riding shotgun with Rod Hall in his souped-up Baja 500 Hummer is a once in a lifetime experience! Fans may have their chance to do just that in a promotion from igotshotgun.com. The GM sponsored website specializes in getting ‘behind the scenes’ footage of GM branded entertainment. The winner will get the chance to meet and interview Rod Hall, go on a Hummer test-run, and join the chase crew during the actual race (not to mention travel to Ensenada and the Baja Peninsula!). In order to win, interested folks need create and submit a short video showcasing why should be chosen for the crew. Submit your video and check out more details at the igotshotgun blog. Good Luck!!

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