Robbie Knievel Worried about Texas HUMMER Jump

Robbie Knievel HUMMER Texas Jump

According to a racing blog, Robbie Knievel is worried about his HUMMER jump tonight at Texas Motor Speedway. Perhaps this is just a ploy to gather more attention, since someone who was truly worried probably wouldn’t have added 5 more HUMMERs to the 20 he was originally supposed to jump (we’ll have ours on hand, in case he decides to do 26!). Supposedly the wind has Knievel worried – which does makes sense – we’ve been having 40+ mph wind gusts in DFW all week.

Knievel says he hasn’t had much time to practice but has faith in his crew chief, Spanky. After all, who wouldn’t trust a guy named Spanky with their life? The daredevil also announced that this will be his last jump ever at Texas Motor Speedway. And so the tension begins…stay tuned…

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