Rod Hall and Team HUMMER Return to Baja 1000

Following the close of the 2008 Baja racing season, HUMMER was forced to sever its ties to Rod Hall Racing (aka Team HUMMER) while General Motors undertook its “strategic review” of the brand. After GM came to a definitive agreement to sell HUMMER to Tengzhong, the brand announced its renewed commitment to Rod Hall Racing and its HUMMER race trucks. This Friday Rod Hall Racing and Team HUMMER will field two H3s in the infamous Baja 1000.

Rod Hall HUMMER H3This year’s running will mark the 42nd Baja 1000, and Team HUMMER patriarch Rod Hall will be entering the race for the 42nd time.

Rod remains the only man on four wheels to take on the treacherous race since the tradition began in 1967.

Rod Hall Racing will enter two trucks, an H3 in the stock-mini class and an H3 Alpha in the stock-full class.

Chad Hall HUMMER H3 BajaThis year Rod says he’ll be concentrating on supporting his two sons, Chad and Josh, who both have multiple class wins at the Baja 1000.

When we talked to Rod Hall at the SEMA show a few weeks ago, he was excited about the Baja 1000, but mentioned that depending on how he finished this year, it could be his last Baja race. “It’s about time for [Josh and Chad] to take over the team,” said Rod.

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