Rod Hall Orders First Humvee C-Series Kit Car

RodHallHumveeCSeriesOff-road racing legend Rod Hall is no stranger to the HUMMER brand. In 1992, he heard a rumor that AM General wanted to race their new civilian vehicle simply called a “HUMMER” in the Baja 1000. Hall’s racing preference has always been production vehicles, and after a few meetings with AM General – Rod Hall racing and Team HUMMER became synonymous. It’s only fitting that Hall, who still has an H1 Alpha in his garage, has put his name at the top of the list for the first Humvee C-Series Kit Car.

“I’m sending the deposit as soon as they tell me how much it is,” says Rod Hall, who expects have an order form in the next week or two. “I think that once they get 50 confirmed orders, or deposits, the (C-Series project) goes in motion.” Hall says that if there’s enough interest in the next few months, that he expects the Humvee C-series to be available after the first of the year – and he believes there’s a market for the kit.

Hall was even approached by AM General about the idea of a kit a few months ago.

“The more I thought about it, the more I thought there is a market for this vehicle. It’s not going to be big, but there’s a group of us that are old-school. We don’t like to be told what we can do, and we just want to have our own desires and do it – and the Humvee C-Series will fit that.”

While the Humvee C-Series is currently expected to be a very complete vehicle, less the engine, transmission, and transfer case – Hall is trying to order his with even less, which may or may not be an option available to the general public, since he’s heard comments that the cost of the part is less than the expense of removing it from the production line in most cases. He wants to put his own suspension package in, which he hopes may even be an option AM General may make available to customers.

Hall also plans on replacing the stock tire and wheel package with his own. If hall could order the truck without wheels and tires, he probably would. “I’m a BF Goodrich guy, you know.”

Rod Hall Special Edition Humvee C-Series

Hall said there’s been some discussion about a special edition C-series with his name attached.

He isn’t sure of the exact options it would have, or if it would be available through AM General or not. “If you wanted something with a little more performance – you could buy the kit – ship it to Reno – and have us customize it.”

For his own vehicle, Hall plans on combining a 4L80-E transmission (the tranny used in the H1) with a 6.5L Turbo race motor. Combine that with some custom wheels, tires, and suspension – and you may just have a peek into what may one day be known as the Rod Hall Special Edition Humvee C-Series.

To make the ride a little more comfortable, Hall says he’s going to try to work with MasterCraft to design a more comfortable seat that fits the C-series.

Hall says that overseas dealers have also been keen on the idea, and he thinks a good portion of business for the C-series, and possibly a powertrain equipped special edition, will likely come from outside the United States.

Humvee C-Series Racing

Rod Hall admittedly hadn’t thought about racing the C-Series until we brought up the idea. “Race it? I’m not saying I wouldn’t,” Hall said. “It’d probably have to be in the exhibition class – but that’s a good idea – I may just do that.”

Hall said his primary uses would be for special events like his tire seminars for Michelin and BF Goodrich where he “beats the hell out of these tires to show how well they’re made,” but also as a “fun car” for him to drive. “It would not be an everyday driver, but certainly a fun vehicle to play around in, similar to what people do with quads or snowmobiles.”

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