Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama for HUMMER Downturn

Barack Obama HUMMER H1

On Tuesday’s radio program, Rush Limbaugh commented on a couple of recent stories out of the New York Times from that feature HUMMERs. One is about the sudden HUMMER demand in Iraq, and the other a feature on Lynch HUMMER out of Missouri. Following his recap of the articles, he went on to say that HUMMERs are “being tarred, feathered, and destroyed by the Obama administration and the American left.” Full text after the video and the jump. Take a listen or look, then tell us what you think in the comments section.

LIMBAUGH: ” ‘Iraqis love Hummers because they’re a symbol of power,’ said Mr. Hilli, a chubby 37-year-old who couldn’t stop laughing. Hummers in Baghdad are symbols of much more besides: increasing security, returning normalcy and a yearning for the trappings of sovereignty.” That’s what a Hummer represents to Iraqis. It helped that we didn’t have such a bad opinion of the Americans in one of the provinces, said Ali al-Hilli. ” ‘People often asked the soldiers to stop their Humvees so they could get their pictures taken in front of them. Soon conditions improved enough to drive all over the city. Hummer H3s began rumbling off the lot, at 50 to 60 thousand dollars apiece, in dollars, and all the money down, fully loaded. (No one wanted them any other way.)” No Iraqis wanted a bargain-basement Hummer; they wanted them fully loaded. “Iraqis are paying historically high prices for gasoline. At $1.40 a gallon, that wouldn’t break any Americans hearts, but not long ago in Iraq it was 19 cents a gallon.” It’s now a buck forty. The increase had no effect on sales of Hummers. ‘If you can afford this car, you don’t care how much gasoline costs,’ said Mr. Hilli. Iraqis love their cars. In Iraq, people judge you by your car, and you’re not a man without one,’ ” he said. … When it comes to Hummers, they’ll always nearly be bigger than anyone else’s car.”

Now, I have another story out here of St. Louis. Chesterfield, Missouri, near St. Louis, and it is — well, it’s The New York Times as well, I think: “A dealer’s big bet is on the line as Hummer falls from favor.” Now remember, you just heard about the Hummer. Iraqis love it, and they’re buying them as fast as they can, at full price and fully loaded. In a nation that is just emerging from the seventh century, thanks to us, and the people over there are buying Hummers and they’re excited. And here in the world’s greatest superpower, the greatest outpost for freedom ever in the world, the same automobile is being tarred, feathered, and destroyed by the Obama administration and the American left. “


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