Russia Could be Sleeper in HUMMER Sale

Hummer H2 Russia

It seems like China and U.S. based private equity seem to be getting the most attention when it comes to the HUMMER brand sale. However, Russia may be the quiet sleeper in the mix.

When asked about potential buyers in January, HUMMER CEO Jim Taylor suggested that Russia was a potentially strong market. “These vehicles lend themselves perfectly to those opening-up markets of India, China, Russia, all of those kinds of places,” Taylor said, “therefore, the investment people in those countries are interested too.”

Taylor was right – in March, Russian HUMMER sales were up 89% despite overall new car sales dropping 40% during the first quarter.

It’s still a very real possibility that HUMMER could be purchased by a Russian company, or more likely, an individual. From a U.S. perspective, very little would change except for the possibility of newer models coming faster. Just in case, I’m going to stash away some rubles and vodka for an H4. OK, maybe just the vodka.

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