Team HUMMER and Rod Hall Racing Unofficial Winners of Two Baja 1000 Classes

Rod Hall Racing and Team HUMMER fielded two HUMMERs in the 2009 Baja 1000, and the unofficial results indicate that both clinched the #1 spot in their respective classes.

Chad Hall, driving a near flawless run in the HUMMER H3 Alpha, crossed the finish line at 10:52 AM Saturday remains the unofficial winner of the stock-full class.

The stock-mini class HUMMER H3 ran into some early delays with mechanical issues, but in true “HUMMERs don’t get stuck, only temporarily delayed” style, the trio of drivers managed to pilot the #761 truck to an unofficial class win. Mike Winkel, Emily Miller, and Rod Hall all took turns driving the truck throughout the 672 mile race and crossed the finish line at 4:53 PM Saturday.

When the results are made official, it will mark Rod Hall’s 20th Baja 1000 win.

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