Team HUMMER Clears Pre-Race Inspection for 2010 Dakar Rally

Before any big off-road race vehicles must be inspected to ensure they meet safety and entry requirements, and the 2010 Dakar is no different. Team HUMMER spent New Year’s Eve going through the inspection process called scrutineering and has been cleared to race.

In addition to the three HUMMER race trucks being fielded by the Robby Gordon Motorsports, support and assistance trucks are inspected during scrutineering. Team HUMMER’s pair of custom freightliner support trucks gathered nearly as much attention as the race trucks, since they’re longer and lower than typical chase trucks, and feature four-door Freightliner cabs with hydraulic steps, leather seats, King off-road shocks and air suspension.

While going through scrutineering, late Team HUMMER addition B.J. Baldwin told FourWheeler Magazine in an exclusive interview that while he was excited to be at the race, he was there to support Robby Gordon. “Look, I am here to support Robby, not to try to win,” said Baldwin, “Robby picked me because he knows that I can run fast (BJ was the 2008 SCORE series champion) and get parts to him if necessary.” Check out for the complete interview.

TV coverage in the U.S. will be on Versus, who will have a 30-minute daily update with race highlights between January 3rd and 18th. On January 24th, Versus will run a 60 minute recap of the entire race.

Happy New Year and Good Luck to Team HUMMER and Robby Gordon!

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