Team Hummer Seeks Victory in Baja

Hummer H3 Baja 500
Team Hummer is gearing up for another run at the 2007 SCORE International Tecate Baja 500, June 1-3, in Ensenada, Mexico. This is the 40th running of the Baja 500, and the 40th time Team Hummer owner and driver Rod Hall will be entering. Rod and his two sons, Josh and Chad will pilot the stock class Hummer H3 and H2. “With 12 years of experience racing stock-class Hummers, I believe that they are the most capable off-road vehicles straight from the factory,” said Rod Hall. “In fact, Hummers were the only stock-class vehicles to finish both the 2005 Baja 1000 and 2006 Baja 500, which speaks volumes about the vehicles’ capabilities.” Rod Hall has taken the first place award at the Baja 1000 eighteen times. Good luck to Team Hummer!

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