Tengzhong: No Plans for HUMMER Plant in China

AM General HUMMER H2 plantAmerican HUMMER enthusiasts concerned about production being moved to China can rest a little easier tonight, knowing that the brand’s proposed new owner, Tengzhong, has no plans for a HUMMER plant in China.

According to the conditions of the deal, production of HUMMER models would be contracted to General Motors through at least 2010, but that left some worried about production beyond 2010.

“Rather than setting up a plant in China, Tengzhong will use the current facilities including their employees in the United States,” a Tengzhong spokesperson told Chinese Radio International.

While it isn’t necessarily proof that some HUMMER production won’t take place in the future, it takes a lot of time and effort to set up an automotive production facility, and we’re betting production will be U.S. based for the foreseeable future.

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