The Hummer Club – Barnwell Mountain 2007

Hummerguy Barnwell
As soon as we rolled into the hotel parking lot in Longview, TX – we knew we were in the right place for The Hummer Club’s next event: Barnwell Mountain 2007. Hummer H1s, H2s, and H3s were over the parking lot – all customized, accessorized, and ready to take off with a “No Road, No Problem” attitude!

The next morning after registration we headed next door to Lowes, which was the only business that had a parking lot large enough to easily stage that many Hummers. After a short (police escorted – nice!) drive to Gilmer, TX we found ourselves at Barnwell Mountain. Barnwell is a rustic feeling place that really only consists of a small office building and a pavilion. Once a few stragglers caught up we dropped the air pressure in our tires and separated into trail groups (we had mostly Hummer H3s in our group). After taking the Hummers on a few rocky roads with steep inclines and some moderate rock climbing, we got into more advanced driving. A couple good stair-step type obstacles and an uphill rocky step were a little challenging, but nothing the H3 couldn’t handle. Unfortunately, we were only able to stay a short time on Friday and the event lasted until Sunday night.

Overall, Barnwell Mountain has a ton of trails that range from super-easy to super hard (or impossible for most trucks). The trick is knowing your own limitations, as well as your Hummer’s limitations – and also how much you may be willing to spend to repair if you over-estimate either one! We made it out scratch and dent free – but we didn’t get to stay for the ‘good stuff.’ My only regret is not getting to finish out the event – but overall it was a nice event from the nice folks with The Hummer Club!

Hummer h3 Climbing
Hummer Lineup
No Road No Problem Hummer

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