The HUMMER Club & Drummond Island – We’ll do it live!

do it live One normally thinks of live blogging for press conferences or unveilings, but we’re using the term loosely to mean, “where you’ll find all the posts from this weekend’s HUMMER Club event on Drummond Island that don’t necessitate an entire post.”

Check back on this thread often — it will be updated frequently (assuming At&t’s wireless data coverage allows us!) this weekend and as we travel from Texas to Michigan to get there.

Of course, we’ll also have more in-depth coverage with better photography to follow.

Update #1 (noon Wed): I’m halfway there – quick stop in Chicago. Had the appropriate Chicago hot dog – now waiting at the busiest and smallest gate H1/H2 – taking it as a sign from the HUMMER Gods!

Update 2 (7pm we’d): Finally made it to Detroit. Had to switch planes in Chicago – but I had a nice surprise waiting – weekend use of a 2009 HUMMER H3, Alpha pack, off-road pack(33 inch tires, locking front and rear diffs) backup cam and rocker guards. Who could ask for anything more?

Update #3 (4PM Thursday): We made the trip from Detroit to Drummond — just caught the ferry to the island about 45 minutes ago. Internet access is limited, and slow when it’s avaiable (go figure) – but we’ll try and upload some images later this evening.
The crew from Detroit- like that silver H3T? 😉


Update #4 (7AM Saturday): Just starting day 2 — day 1 went very well — some VERY tight squeezes, but most managed to make it out unscathed. This is the first window of Internet I’ve had on the island, and it’s fading. So slow I can’t upload images. They’re coming soon!

Update #5 (7AM Sunday): Got a little rest before heading back towards Detroit this morning. Yesterday we decided to go with the advanced group, which was all H1s and one pretty modified H2 SUT — mind you we were in stock adventure package H3Ts and H3s. Except for a few tight turns that required some 3 point turns, the H3s and H3Ts held their own, despite the rain, rocks, and mud. We made it through all the trails just fine — it just came down to finding the right line to take (with an H3T and it’s slightly longer wheelbase, your line is much more important than the H1s that have 16 inches of straight on ground clearance!).

Hopefully we’ll have solid internet soon and can get some pics uploaded.

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  1. Brian – Glad to hear you are already on the Island and the adventure has begun. I guess I will have to live vicariously through your posts since I couldn’t be there in person! Next year I will plan on being there in person! Wheel safe!

  2. Can’t wait to see the pics!

  3. Cant wait for pics

  4. AT&T Raising the bar…huh! Thats a joke. Cant wait for the pics