What your Hummer’s color says about you

Pink Hummer H3
So you’ve decided to buy a Hummer (or already have) – and you’re wondering what your Hummer’s color says about you. The following results are mostly based on Leatrice Eiseman’s book called “The Color Answer Book,” and little of our own, very (un) scientific data from meeting a ton of Hummer owners. Here we go:

Factory Hummer Colors:

White: Fastidious

Red: Sexy, speedy, high-energy and dynamic

Dark Blue: credible, confident, dependable

Black: Empowered, not easily manipulated, loves elegance, appreciates classics

Boulder Gray: Sober, corporate, practical, pragmatic

Dark Green: traditional, trustworthy, well-balanced

Yellow: Sunny disposition, joyful, young at heart

Orange: Fun loving, talkative, fickle and trendy

Slate Blue: Cool, calm, faithful, quiet

Custom Hummer Colors:

White Diamond: Extravagant, artistic, stylish

Pink: Young at heart, spirited, little crazy

Silver: Elegant, loves futuristic looks, cool

Camouflage: Always trying to fit in

Lamborghini orange, blue, or green: Opposite of Camouflage.

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  1. Cool, now I know why I want a yellow H2 SUV.

  2. georgieboysobota

    i want a white H2 SUV with body coloured grille, brush guard, black roof marker lamps, rear light guards and roof box. oh yeah it looks mighty fine on the ‘build a HUMMER’ section on the HUMMER site.