Insurance Agent also a Hummerphile

Mike Powell\'s Hummers
For Mike Powell, life is good (and a ton of hard work!). As an entrepreneur in the insurance business, he has been able to grow his venture and at the same time grow his collection of Hummer vehicles! But growing his business wasn’t easy — and still isn’t. He can still be found working until the wee hours of the morning three or four times a week. When you don’t have time to golf, hunt, or fish in between work and home — the one thing you CAN change is what you DRIVE between work and home. He doesn’t discriminate between his H1, H2, or H3 – as long as they’re red and polished! Right now he is the proud owner of a hard-top Hummer H1 with a truck bed, a SUV version of H2, and the latest Hummer model, the H3.

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