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General Motors names James Taylor as HUMMER CEO

Late Wednesday, General Motors announced that James Taylor (the now former Cadillac general manager, not the music giant) will join the HUMMER leadership team as CEO. Taylor will move into the newly created position under premium division VP Mark McNabb, and will now be responsible for “the future strategy and …

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In-Depth: Is Hummer Return Inevitable or Wishful Thinking?

Hummer Truck

Rumors abound once again about Hummer’s possible return. This time, however, it seems like there’s a better chance.  We don’t think Hummer will be coming back as a full-fledged brand, but we think an edition or one or two models are possible.  If we’re looking at what’s selling for clues …

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Jim Taylor was the last in a line of top HUMMER execs, and piloted the brand through it’s last two years in existance with General Motors. He understood what the brand was about, and had engaged directly with enthusiasts – including According to a new interview with, Taylor …

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Dear Senator: Save HUMMER, Save 3000 Jobs

In a time of deep economic recession it would only be responsible for our elected officials to do everything in their power to preserve American jobs. Combined, the U.S. Treasury and the U.A.W. own 77.5% of General Motors (60% and 17.5%, respectively), who’s corporate leadership failed to complete a deal …

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Search for HUMMER Buyer Continues

While the process of a buyer search for the HUMMER brand continues behind closed doors with few details coming out, we can tell you that the process is continuing, and HUMMER says they are “still reviewing offers.” HUMMER CEO Jim Taylor said that dealers would be kept in the loop …

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Deadline Extended for Completion of HUMMER Sale

General Motors had hoped it could unload its HUMMER brand to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong by the end of January, but as the month came to a close today the two decided to extend the deadline until the end of February. The definitive agreement between the two companies signed last year …

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Ask Jim

“Ask Jim” was a recurring feature that allowed readers to submit questions to be answered by HUMMER’s CEO, Jim Taylor toward the end of the brand’s run. Below you will find the the most recent segments from the Ask Jim feature. Ask Jim (December 18, 2009) – Jim answers …

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Ask Jim Part 5: HUMMER’s Offroad DNA

In our 5th and final Q&A segment with HUMMER’s CEO Jim Taylor, he addresses the brand’s offroad capabilities, dealer and owner events like HUMMER Happenings, as well as a couple wildcard issues like OnStar and H3T Accessories. Many thanks to Jim, who took the time to answer so many questions …

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Ask Jim Part 4: HUMMER Dealers

In 2002, General Motors awarded the HUMMER franchise to a handful of top-tier dealers that had strong reputations for customer service and sales success. As HUMMER becomes independent and grows its international presence, several have questions about their local dealerships, and HUMMER CEO Jim Taylor answered their questions. Check back …

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