Search for HUMMER Buyer Continues

While the process of a buyer search for the HUMMER brand continues behind closed doors with few details coming out, we can tell you that the process is continuing, and HUMMER says they are “still reviewing offers.”

HUMMER CEO Jim Taylor said that dealers would be kept in the loop via a weekly update, though several dealers we’ve talked to say they haven’t had any communication from Detroit on the matter.

“SAAB had breaking news daily,” said one dealer who holds both a SAAB franchise and HUMMER franchise. “With HUMMER, we haven’t heard anything.”

Details may be slow to come out, but we’ll bring you updates as soon as we know more.

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  1. gotta love GM (government Motors) with their wonderful “keep the dealer in the loop” process. Business as ususal for them huh?

  2. I compare the Hummer sale to the episodes of “Lost”. Every week you’re like this is it we’re going to find out what’s going!!! Only to be left with more questions and repeating to yourself WTF!….you know being Lost, hahah

  3. Let’s keep this area very positive because there are a lot of big wheels reading our posts here and we don’t want any negativity making anybody feel finicky at this stage in the game. As a business owner my own self I know firsthand that things can easily take months longer than expected, so let’s not rush the corporate HUMMER team, they will get this taken care of for sure. I believe what is happening is GM is getting so many new offers now for the HUMMER brand that they don’t know which one they should take.

    Things are much better now than they were this time last year, with more and more people buying ¾ tone and 1 tone size vehicles again, GM may very well feel the HUMMER brand could be sold for more than the original $150 million they were offered last year. Remember GM felt the brand was worth $1 billion dollars and I feel they are correct with that number, unfortunately last year there was a bump in global economies however now that things have settled down a lot, pastures are beginning to look much more greener again.

    Don’t take me the wrong way here, I’d sell the HUMMER brand for $10 million in cash before closing it, however if folks want to pay say $300 million now that things are much better again in the automotive industry and GM wants to make a little more money, then they are free to do exactly that, so let’s give them time to get the best price they possibly can please well offering our support along the way because our positive messages as HUMMER owners plays a big part in the overall success of this sale.

    All I know for sure is the HUMMER brand is an absolute goldmine and whoever buys the brand will be the luckiest person on earth because buying goes in cycles, SUV, sports car, SUV, sports car and we are right at the very beginning of a massive SUV buying cycle again according to statistics!!! Let’s go team HUMMER!!!

    The re skinned H2 and H3 will sell like mad, I know everybody I talk to wants a new body style HUMMER like yesterday they are so eager to upgrade as this body style has been out for about eight years now. The H2 SUT long bed version will sell like crazy to industrial types who need more capability!!! And the H4 and H5 will meet CAFE standards and help folks on low incomes afford the HUMMER brand making everybody a winner worldwide!!! I’d even consider an H2 dually for trailer duty, no joke, but with a diesel of course with about 1,000 foot pounds of torque!!! The future is bright, very bright indeed my friends!!!

    Always believe in HUMMER!!! :mrgreen:

  4. Is this Richard guy for real? His posts are so over the top, I can’t tell if its really heartfelt or not. LOL!

  5. California Prince

    @Every Hummer fan:
    Save the hummer brand and join this important discussion:

    Thank you!

  6. @HummerAddict that’s a big Hell Yeah I’m real!!! I just got back from GM today, I test drove a new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro and a new 2010 SRX Cadillac. The Cadillac for my Mom, the Camaro possibly for me if I decide to get a car for the sunny days this summer.

    But to be honest I’m so displeased with GM for trying to sell HUMMER rather than release the new models now instead that I might not even buy anything from them, time will tell based upon my feelings as things progress.

    One thing for sure, nothing beats my HUMMER!!! It is way roomier than the Cadillac was today by a long shot and the Camaro was not roomy at all, but hey, I wasn’t expecting it to be. If I got a Camaro it would be a convertible with the Z-28 trim level assuming GM makes a Z-28 with the 554 HP LSA engine in it. On the other hand I’m also fancying the Corvette Grand Sport as well in a convertible with an automatic since I don’t always like to do a lot of shifting when I’m driving. Anyhow, I’m not sure yet, but I’ll think about a good summer car over the months ahead once I see what is coming down the pipeline that is.

    I was thinking about putting the LS9 in my H2, the one with 638 horsepower, but now that GM and HUMMER are at odds with each other I’m not sure about that plan anymore. Also the new Duramax with 397 horsepower and a massive 765 lb-ft of torque would look good sitting in the engine bay of my HUMMER H2 for sure!!!

    If you’re wondering what I was doing test driving these cars on Monday, it’s because I had to get a new park brake cable for my HUMMER, my fault for driving in so much darn salt, nothing against the HUMMER, but it’s all fixed and new again now, so no worries.

    The bottom line is I’m just a regular S.O.B. who loves his HUMMER, and am trying to help out as much as I can. Maybe GM will keep HUMMER like they did Vauxhall in the U.K. now that sales are starting to pick up again and people are buying a lot of full size vehicles again.

    Regardless, I’m keeping a very optimistic attitude throughout this entire procedure!!! :mrgreen:

  7. Hummers are the bestSUVs made.that where so off road capeable .The problem was when GM through them under the bus so to speak by anouceing them to think of dumping them that made the public leary and sales droped with no PR OR ADDVERTISIING THEY COULD MAKE A COME BACK BUT WOULD TAKE STRONG ADD AND PR CAMPAIGN.GREAT VEHICLES.